"The best moments of my life "


Player at FC Western Sydney Wanderers (A-league Australienne)

" The months spent at FC Metz are among the best of my life. Playing away from Australia, and surplus in France, surrounded by the elite of footballers of my age has clearly helped my progression as a footballer: so much so that today I play internationally for my country. Without this time spent at FC Metz, I could not believe that it would have been possible. The coaches have allowed me to improve enormously and have always pushed me beyond my limits by training with older players, stronger and more experienced. From my own point of view, the players were friendly and I made friends for life by combining day after day school and training. The experience at FC Metz gave me a taste of what was the training of a professional footballer training 2 or 3 times a day every week and it motivated me to continue working hard for coming years. Life at the training center is difficult but also very fun. Balancing workouts, homework and sleeping around with friends is not easy, but it has helped me evolve as a football player and especially as a person."

The months spent at
FC Metz are among the best ones of my life

Professional Player at Beijing Renhe FC (Chinese Super League)

"I spent 8 memorable years at FC Metz, my training club, where I learnt how to behave as a man and as a player. I still remember what my coaches and educators were saying: We are asking you to be the most professional and as demanding as possible so you can reach the highest level. And that's exactly what happened with a specific and individual detailed program. I think that modern football challenges players so they are more and more precise, and they have extra qualities that other don't have. If each player taken individually is stronger then the whole team is going to be stronger too. And this is what the philosophy of FC Metz is all about. The football stars who have been trained at the club are the best proof of all. I want to thank every single coach or educator I had when I was there, they were always very helpful when I faced difficult situations. Every time I go back to the club, I am welcomed as a member of a big family and I feel really lucky about that. Today, I make the most of being a professional footballer and thanks to the club I have the life I wanted. "

FC Metz tought me how to behave both as a man and as a player

Professional footballer at Montreal Impact (Canada), Major League Soccer Canadian International (International A - Canada)

"The 2 years spent at the FC Metz training academy were amazing and very rewarding, although difficult at times. For me, being just a 14 year old Canadian “soccer” player, arriving in a new and competitive environment on my own, where you have to be part of the elite every day, was very tough. Fortunately, the academy staff helped me to feel at ease very quickly. Being well surrounded off the pitch made it possible for me to get better and better on the pitch. I learned so much during those 2 years, both on a football level but even more on a personal level. This experience helped me a lot in my life and I will always be grateful towards the staff members of FC Metz International Football Academy, who welcomed and guided me. Those 2 years have proven to be a springboard for my footballing career"

Those 2 years have proven to be a springboard for my footballing career

College University (USA). (International A - Canada)

"After having spent six months at FC Metz International Football Academy, I can with certainty state that I improved not only as a player, but as a human. Coming in and meeting different players from all around the world I not only got to experience new playing styles, but I got exposed to different cultures. I quickly integrated the U19 group, which was a massive step forward in my development. All aspects of my game were looked at with close care, and I quickly became aware of what my strengths and weaknesses were. This made me more conscious of what I needed to work on to reach the next level. I then was lucky to be able to train from time to time with players who often train with the pro’s. MIFA’s setup with frequent training matches gave me match training, in order to prove myself on the field. Personally, I grew a lot during my time at FC Metz. It was the first time that I approached my sport as a profession, and day to day which made my approach to training shift completely. Every day was a new opportunity to improve, and show the coaches that you deserved a spot on the team for the upcoming weekend. This forces you to become tough mentally, and accept setbacks and learn from them. The competitive environment really showed me who I really am, and how much you need to be mentally strong to perform at the highest level. Furthermore, I made some friendships that will last a lifetime, and I will always be grateful for that. Today I am playing soccer a Williams College, the top liberal arts institution in the country. I can without any doubt say that my experience at FC Metz more than prepared for what life in college would be. So all in all, I believe going to FC Metz International Football Academy not only makes you grow as a player, but more importantly as a person ready to take on the next level but also life after soccer."

I can without any doubt say that my experience at FC Metz more than prepared for what life in college would be.

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